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About Dissh

Dissh is a company ruled by, designed for and inspired by girls! Not to say we don’t love a good cameo from our trusty team of men, but for the most part it’s a total girl’s world focussed on empowering young women to live a full happy life while looking and feeling confident, can we get a hell yeah?

We laugh hard, love big, and explore a lot, constantly drawing on our own experiences, adventures and inspirations to cultivate a real brand identity that you can relate to and trust in. We want to talk to and with you, share in your experiences and taking you along for ours, because at the end of the day it’s all about the adventure right?

We LOVE what we do and we get crazy excited about making sure your style is on point! Our theory is that fashion should be effortless simple and fresh, (no-one likes a try hard!)

We work hard behind the scenes to make sure the stuff you see in stores and online is a perfect edit to get you dressed up, or down, for any adventure!

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